May 17, 2016

Birmingham AL newborn photographer – Chaney

Chaney’s parents came in telling her that their baby was a very active and awake baby – as a newborn photographer who focuses on sleepy baby shots, I was slightly stressed out…ha! This happens every time, but I end up LOVING shots when a baby won’t sleep! Yes, we may struggle through the session, but it forces me to try new things, and go with the flow of the baby (which I do to an extent with every baby, just even more so with non sleepers!) I just adore these shots so much and she’s such a doll!!

birmingham_al_newborn_photography006 birmingham_al_newborn_photography007 birmingham_al_newborn_photography008 birmingham_al_newborn_photography009 birmingham_al_newborn_photography010 birmingham_al_newborn_photography011

Birmingham AL newborn photographer

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