April 30, 2015

Callie’s Newborn Photos

I have spent so much time and invested so much love into these photos. Shooting, editing, and sharing these photos has been such a joy for me! I couldn’t have imagined how much I would LOVE taking my own newborn’s photos. SO amazing! Each pose I put her in I took my time and care to perfect her little fingers and toes, place her face just how I wanted it…then maybe stopped and starred a little bit, too, because I adore her little face so much! I wanted to continue on and take more but I just had to make myself stop, because it’s already been so hard to pick which photos I wanted to have printed. I am sharing my favorites that I’ve edited so far! <3 This sweet baby, enjoy these photos! stomped_0439 stomped_0440 stomped_0441 stomped_0442 stomped_0443 stomped_0444 stomped_0445 stomped_0446 stomped_0447 stomped_0448 stomped_0449 stomped_0450 stomped_0451 stomped_0452 stomped_0453 stomped_0454 stomped_0455 stomped_0456 stomped_0457 stomped_0458 stomped_0459 stomped_0460 stomped_0461 stomped_0462 stomped_0463 stomped_0464 stomped_0465 Birmingham AL newborn photographer stomped_0476



Birmingham AL newborn photographer

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