Where are you located?

I am located in Springville, AL which is right outside of Birmingham.


Where will my session be?

I shoot both outdoors and in my studio. I love shooting sessions in Springville, however, I also enjoy traveling to Birmingham, Trussville and other surrounding areas to give you a unique photo session that best suites your family’s personal style and taste. I have some great suggestions but I am always open to trying new places!

My studio is located in Downtown, Springville.


What time will my session be?

If we are shooting outdoors, I highly recommend shooting about an hour or two before sunset. “Golden Hour” is my favorite time to shoot! There are no harsh shadows, the sunlight is gorgeous and the weather is usually the best during that time. The time changes according to the time of the year/sunset time. I also enjoy shooting early morning shoots, right as the sun is rising, so that is always an option. If we’re shooting a studio session, I like to shoot sometime in the morning or early afternoon.


When should I book my session with you?

I only shoot a certain amount of sessions each month, because of this, I tend to fill up pretty quickly. If you’re interested in a newborn or birth session, as much as I would love to shoot every newborn inquiry I get, sometimes I just cannot. PLEASE book your newborn session a few months in advance if possible! I absolutely hate having to turn newborn sessions down. I recommend booking at least 2-3 months out for children/family sessions and at least 3-4 months before your due date for newborn sessions.


How long does my photo shoot take?

A normal family, maternity, baby or child session takes 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

Newborn sessions generally take 2-4 hours.


How many photos do I get edited from each session?

For a family, maternity, baby or child session, I edit 20 photos. I carefully cull through and select a variety of the best images for you. I feel it is important that you are getting my absolute best work, which is why you do not get every image I’ve taken during your session.

For newborn sessions, I offer packages of 10, 20, or 35 edited photos. This includes detailed macro shots that you do not want to forget, this also includes a variety of blanket poses, basket shots and other poses with different props. I will usually include more photos with the option to upgrade to purchase all digital images with a newborn session.


What should I bring/wear to my session?

I LOVE when clients really want their sessions personalized. If you have any old quilts, vintage wagons or suitcases, a toy that has been passed down your family, or a child’s favorite book, I highly recommend talking to me about incorporating these fun items!

The best way to dress is to color coordinate your family. I usually recommend either A)picking a neutral tone and accessorizing with 1-2 colors. For example, picking gray as your neutral color, then adding in pops of yellow and navy. A yellow and navy plaid shirt for your son, a yellow dress for your daughter, gray shirt for the dad with blue jeans, and maybe a navy dress with yellow accessories for you. B) Picking two colors that coordinate. For example, grey and pink. Make sure you have accessories to add interest! Have fun with this and try to be creative! I really recommend staying away from everyone wearing the same colors. If you’re having a difficult time, I have some fun pinterest boards that have plenty of ideas I can show you, just let me know and we can bounce ideas off of each other and I can show you the board.


What happens after my session?

After our session, I put your edits on a password protected online gallery (please share with family and friends!) that you can order straight off of. My shopping cart is very user friendly. The photos come to me, and after I’ve inspected them, I send them to you. From the date you put your order in, this takes about two weeks, or if you’ve ordered canvases it can sometimes take an additional week. If you’ve purchased the digitals or usb, this includes a print release which means you can print them or share them on your social media page if you’d like. Please tag my page! You can get them printed wherever you’d like, however, I recommend printing through my professional print lab. My computer’s colors are calibrated so what I edit is what you get!

Please feel free to ask if you have any more questions!