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May 10, 2014

Here is part 2 from our beach trip…some some pictures Josh and I took throughout the week….I think its safe to say we had a blast!!  

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May 9, 2014

Josh and I (and the girls) have been in desperate need of a vacation, so we decided to head to the beach for a week! It was wonderful. The first 2 days it was pretty stormy. Then the third day, we got this. This glorious cloud filled sunset. It couldn’t have been more perfect!! I’ve been wanting some pictures of me and the girls, and some nursing pictures with Lucy. So glad I did this! I will treasure these photos forever!! Huge thanks to my husband for taking the shots with the girls. Part 2 of the vacation photos will be up soon! Enjoy.   Lane Weichman Photography family photography birmingham al laneweichmanphotography@gmail.com        

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