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January 20, 2016

Birmingham AL newborn triplet photos – Lane Weichman Photography I haven’t done a lot of shooting for myself lately, besides taking monthly photos of our youngest daughter. This is something that a lot of artists and other photographers just NEED to do! When a friend of mine posted that her sister had triplets, I immediately thought, “I MUST PHOTOGRAPH THEM!” So, I presented the idea to my amazing photographer friend Lindsey Walker (view her awesome website here!) who I always do multiples with. She assists me and I assist her whenever we get multiple newborns (and I’m sad because she’s moving and we won’t be able to shoot together anymore! 🙁 but that’s another blog post I guess..haha) Of course she said YES, so we both got to throw out ideas with each other and pull our resources (ahem..props) together to make it all work! I knew it would be a fun thing for us both to have for our portfolios, so here they are! The boys were an absolute DREAM! They all slept the entire time, and let us pose them and were just SO sweet….I might have wanted to keep them all! They were all around 6 pounds and were just the absolute sweetest. The three of them slept more soundly than most normal newborns sleep, which was just an awesome experience to have for my first set of triplets, for sure. Now I absolutely cannot decide which ones to get printed for my new studio that I’m moving into next month. So, …

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