October 6, 2016

Zach and Katie | Birmingham AL photographer

Ya’ll. I don’t even know what to say. This shoot was just amazing! Getting to shoot in fun spots and step outside of my comfort zone for this shoot. I got to edit differently than the norm, and these two were just game to do whatever! I am so excited to shoot their wedding next year with my husband. Super super excited!! Narrowing it down to include my favorites was so hard!! But here are a few:





















Birmingham AL photographer
Lane Weichman

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September 26, 2016

Shoot for you! | Birmingham AL lifestyle photographer

I have been nonstop shooting the same thing for a few years now – which I LOVE. I have such a passion for being able to hold a brand new baby in my arms, super fresh, perfect little newborns, pose them and create images for their parents that they can gush over, show off their new babies, and never forget the little details of those first couple of weeks of their new baby’s life. I never want to lose sight of the fact that it’s a new life, a God-given gift, a baby that God chose for his/her parents. I love designing cake smash sets, watching babies pass their 1 year milestone, dig into their first bite of cake, and watch their parents gush over how absolutely adorable they are (which is so true! I crack up almost every cake smash session I do!) And don’t even get me start on birth sessions or Fresh 48’s – ahhh! I literally get an adrenaline rush on my way home, rush home and run to the computer to upload my pictures so I can re-live every little detail!

But I have this desire to shoot for ME. To get creative, to 100% make every decision of a shoot, to style it completely, to pick the backdrop, the way I edit, to do something different than I normally would. Everyone I know with that creative gene needs this outlet so they don’t get burnt out – I guess I’m writing this to remind myself how much I LOVE doing what I do – but also to remind myself and other photographers and creative people – CREATE ART FOR YOURSELF! It doesn’t have to be amazing, stunning, perfect by any means….but don’t forget to neglect your passion for creativity. As moms and business owners we just go, go, go. But sometimes you can put your to do list away for a few days – focus on yourself. Your clients will understand! After renting a fun specialty lens this week and coming up with quite a few ideas of shots that I really wanted to get, and making them happen, I feel completely rested and happy, ready to go into this busy holiday season with a huge smile on my face and a happy heart, and I’ve been reminded of all these little details – why I do what I do and why I love it so much. <3

PS –  The pictures taken of me were by my amazing husband photographer – Josh Weichman

8-192-17 9-23-9 outside-1 9-21-8 8-15-9 8-18-7 9-232-9 8-18-11 8-192-8 outside-3 9-23-12





Birmingham AL lifestyle photographer

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September 11, 2016

Carter | Springville AL photographer

I LOVE Carter’s session – the browns and blues just flow together so well – and his parents are absolutely smitten with him, you can so tell by their photos with him. He has the cutest lips and chunky little arms too! It was hard to pick just a couple favorites from this session – but I tried to narrow it down! Here they are:

Springville AL photographer

Springville AL photographer

Springville AL photographer

Springville AL photographer

Springville AL photographer

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

































































































































Hope you enjoyed these!!
-Lane Weichman
Springville AL photographer

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