July 19, 2015

Max & Mason | Birmingham AL newborn photography

Ashley inquired months before her due date, and I was so excited at the idea of photographing her identical twin boys! They were both born at 5 lbs at 35 weeks! Since Jeremy and Ashley are my neighbors (we didn’t find this out until later…haha!) we decided to break the shoot into two sessions. I did a few bean bag and prop shots the first day, when they were two weeks old, then a few days later, with an assistant (thank you Lindsey Walker!) we did the more complicated poses. They did SO great and were so much fun to photograph. They were by far the most grunty and noisy babies I’ve had…umm it was so cute! I’m sure it may not be super cute at 4AM but it was adorable to me! 😉 Here are some highlights from our session…enjoy these!









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